Holidays and Sports

Holidays and Sports in the Euganean Hills

Holidays and Sports

There are an increasing number of holidaymakers who are looking for a holiday that also offers them the opportunity to enjoy holidays and sports together. There are an increasing number of hotels and holidays farm near Venice that give their guests the space and opportunity to practice their favourite sporting activity.

For those who are looking to combine holidays in a farm near Venice with sports and cannot do without some healthy activity it is possible to take advantage of the sporting facilities offered by Frassanelle. In the summer months you can relax or keep fit in the two large outdoor swimming pools while the excellent golf course is open the whole year long.

For a golfing holiday in Italy we suggest Frassanelle Golf Club one of the most well-known golf clubs in Veneto. It can easily be reached by the guests of the farmhouse via the tree-lined avenues of the private park, via shady, quiet paths frequented only by our guests.

In addition to golfing holidays in Italy our guests can also go on hikes. Many paths that traverse the Euganean Hills Regional Park start from Frassanelle. There are routes that cross areas rich with history and beautiful landscapes which are still well-preserved. There are different levels and difficulties of hikes, suitable to beginners as well as cycling and hiking enthusiasts.

If you are fond of  free climbing and are looking for new outdoor rock climbs, we recommend the Rocca Pendice, just 10 minutes by car from Frassanelle. The climbs are particularly technical. The rock here is trachyte, of volcanic origin, and the majority of climbs require more than mere physical strength.

A series of special offers combine holidays and sports and make Frassanelle not only a holidays farm near Venice but also the ideal destination for golfing holidays in Italy, hikers, cyclists and free climbing enthusiasts.