Swimming Pools

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Swimming Pools

The guests staying in our villas and our farm accommodations in Padua have free access to the estate swimming pools.

One of Frassanelle’s strengths, other than the splendid landscape and the beauty of the accommodation, is the presence of two lovely large swimming pools. This plus is very much appreciated by our guests.

Guests can relax and have fun in one of Frassanelle’s two swimming pools. One is for the exclusive use of guests of Villa Bencontenta, the other, built in 2008 in the Golf Club area, is available free of charge for the guests of the Tempietto, Villa Lieta, and the Fattoria (farmhouse) apartments (Vinca, Elleboro, Lilium, Silene and Aster).

Bencontenta private pool

The swimming pool in Villa Bencontenta is open from May to the beginning of October and it measures 8m x 16m with a depth ranging from 1.20m to 2.50m. The pool is fences and has a changing room with a toilet and shower as well as an outdoor shower. Bath towels are provided. Since 2016 the pool is treated with elctrolysis. Read more.

Golf Frassanelle pool

The swimming pool in the Frassanelle Golf Club is open from the beginning of June to mid September (please enquire for precise dates). It is 10m x 20m in size with a depth of between 1.20m and 2.30m.  Opening hours: from 10am to 6.30pm. The pool is enclosed and has a lifeguard. The use of a bathing cap is compulsory. Read the pool regulation!