Private park
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Private Park

One of the better preserved private parks in Veneto

From May 23rd, 2020 Frassanelle park reopens and doubles the openings! We are open every Satruday, Sunday and bank holidays!


The private park of the estate was designed in 1860 and is spread over 120 hectares amid rolling hills and green meadows. This private park in Veneto includes also the renowned Frassanelle golf course. Frassanelle is a rarity in the panorama of  Veneto parks in that it is contained within one single area without interruptions or intrusions by public roads.

The layout of the private park is due to Alberto Papafava (1832-1929), a romantic painter keenly appreciative of nature. In re-designing the Frassanelle estate, he created his ideal landscape in the manner of a painting on land instead of canvas. The English idea of the natural park required large, cadenced expanses, while the tradition of the romantic garden, which was being spread throughout the Paduan territory by Jappelli, attempts to represent, even in spaces which are not always very large, a microcosm of all the possible landscape aspects in a natural park, from lake to grotto, from the elegiac to the horrid, from valley to hill, from shady to sunny areas.

The orography of the territory, varied between hill and plain, between sunny coasts and shadowy gorges, humid and dry areas, permitted undertake a variegated and picturesque landscape project, making this natural park one of the most interesting and well-preserved of late 19th Century Veneto parks. Alberto reclaimed part of the marshy valley to the south of the villa by digging a lake that covered three hectares and designed with an undulating irregular perimeter giving it an entirely natural aspect. Today this lake is part of the golf course.

The natural park surrounding Frassanelle gives absolutely unique and natural routes, charming itineraries that wind along paths and past the most characteristic points: the grotto, the bamboo grove, the orrido and a small neoclassical temple folly.
Upon request guided tours can be organised with nature experts for a minimum of 20 people. The natural park offers interesting places to observe rare species of flora and fauna all year round.

In this splendid romantic park in Italy it is possible to experience entirely unique activities such as the exploration of the 19th Century artificial grottoes.

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