Why don’t you rent a Villa with Pool near Venice for your summer holidays?


Bencontenta is a country villa with pool near Venice (only 50km) that gives its best during summertime, when a dive in the morning or after a day sightseeing will refresh your thoughts and a sunbath at the border of the pool will give you the perfect tan.

In 2016 we have improved the swimming pool cleaning and maintenance by introducing a treatment based on electrolysis as an alternative to chlorine. The salt electrolysis device converts salt into chlorine and lye. The quality of water is therefore improved, the main pros being:

  • no more unpleasant chlorine odour
  • It is much less harsh on hair and skin.
  • It does not cause your eyes to sting.
  • It not only makes water clear, but soft as well.

Bencontenta swimming pool measures 16m x 8m and it is fenced for your children’s safety. Upon arrival you will be handed the keys and you will be asked to sign a our pool regulation, that you can download here.

villa with pool italy_plan

See the pool plan