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Italian Villa Holiday

Holiday Villas

Venetian Villas for 4, 8 and 12 people

What about treating yourself to a Italian villa holiday immersed in the nature and tranquillity of a beautiful period residence just 50km from glorious Venice?
Are you looking for a corner of paradise right in the very heart of Veneto?

The Frassanelle estate, with its holiday villas in Veneto, is the perfect destination for those who want to experience a truly unforgettable Veneto holiday.

People who choose to organise a Venetian Villas holiday want to pamper themselves with a short rest while rediscovering the rhythm and flavours of times past, without foregoing modern comforts. Booking a holiday in one of theFrassanelle Venetian  villas is a treat for the spirit as well as the body. Here you can take a stroll through an environment which is still uncontaminated, along the lanes of the park crossing dense woodlands and grassy meadows and then later dine under the porticoes of a neoclassical folly.

Frassanelle has three Venetian holiday villas: the Tempietto, Villa Lieta and the larger Villa Bencontenta, the first can accommodate a maximum of 4 people, while Villa Lieta can sleep up to 8 people. Bencontenta is very large and can accommodate up to 12 people. People who decide on a italian villa holiday in one of our holiday villas in Veneto can choose between a neoclassical villa (originally a folly) built in the first half of the 19th Century (Tempietto), a villa situated on a hill (Lieta) or a typical 17th Century Veneto farmhouse (Villa Bencontenta).

If you want to organise a different kind of italian villa holiday, or you want a holiday Villa in Veneto and are looking to savour a special and new experience which combines art, history and tradition, choose one of the Frassanelle holiday accommodation in Italy and you will have a truly unforgettable experience. Booking a vacation in Veneto is easy contact us right now!

Swimming Pools

There are two swimming pools: one private pool, open from May to October, for the exclusive use of the Bencontenta guests; the other is situated in the area of the Golf Club and can be used by the guests of the Tempietto, Lieta and the Farmhouse

Golf Course Frassanelle

Getting to the splendid Frassanelle golf course is easy for our guests. Just follow the tree-lined avenues of the charming park amid the luscious landscape of the Euganean Hills Regional Park.


The estate park and gardens are picturesque and full of charm. You will be able take a stroll and admire the grottoes, the bamboo grove, the orrido and the neoclassical temple-style folly. Guests can also take part in guided tours by the falconry company Alantica.