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Events Organisation

Over the years our period residence has hosted fashion shows, exhibitions and fairs. The estate’s large indoor and outdoor areas make Frassanelle the perfect place to organise events in Veneto of all kinds. Fashion shows, trade fairs and exhibitions can find their perfect venue in our Villa and grounds. The ancient atmosphere and the large spaces available are important features that have driven many local companies to choose Frassanelle as the location for their events in Veneto.

We have gained a great deal of experience in events organisation near Venice and as a result we were chosen in 2007 by the famous fashion house, Maliparmi, as the venue for a prestigious fashion show which ended with an elegant gala dinner. In 2005 and 2007 Alessandra Ferri from Fenice PR organised the two editions of the “Via Veneto”: one of the most important Veneto events which gathered together the most well-known companies in the Region. This event in Veneto, open to the public, lasted 3 days and had a turnout of thousands. In the outdoor spaces and under the porticoes, wine and food producers provided tastings of their products to the public while manufacturing and service companies displayed their products in the reception room. Lastly, the opening ceremony and gala dinner was held in the large marquee sponsored by Ferraro.

We are happy to put our know how and, above all, our experience in events organisation near Venice at your disposal in order to make your events truly special, unique and unforgettable.

Contact us and together we can find the perfect solution for your event.