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The land on which the period villas belonging to Frassanelle stand, is even today an unusual, yet incredibly well-preserved, centuries-old landscape. In reality, in spite of its appearance, the current aspect of the park which surrounds the farmhouses and period villas is the result of intentional landscaping by man, mainly carried out in the 1800s and other more recent work in the construction of a golf course. Between these two episodes the vegetation has taken possession of the grounds giving it the spontaneous aspect that characterises it today and makes Frassanelle one of the most romantic period villas in the Veneto.

From damped land to the Frassanelle golf course: the beginning of the Italy quality agritourism

In the 1980s extensive drainage works were carried out in the valley part of the park which surrounds the period villas to reclaim the land from the water stagnation caused by the silting up of the drainage channels. The whole new system of water regulation was then controlled by a drainage pump so that around 50 hectares of previously unused land could be dedicated to farming.

After several years of farming the construction of a golf course was proposed. The grounds were let but on condition that it would be built in full observance of the landscape principles of the existing park. The golf course was enhanced with the planting of approximately 530 trees. distributed according to criteria not unlike those principles that had inspired Alberto Papafava when he renovated his period villas in Veneto in the 19th century and built the park around it, in other words by differentiating the various areas in terms of botany and perspective.

From historic residence of the Counts Papafava to a Italy quality agritourism

In 2001 the family run firm, today owner of Frassanelle, decided to make the most of the estate’s potential and renovate some of the buildings so that tourists could enjoy the ancient and rustic atmosphere that only a holiday in a Italy quality agritourism can give. Restorations work was carried out by paying particular attention to the historical aspect of the buildings and the construction techniques of the past, and therefore using only ecological materials which allow the correct surface transpiration and eliminating cement, tar sheathing or insulation materials made from oil derivatives.

Finally in 2004 the first phase of the works was complete: today our villa rentals near Venice can accommodate up to 40 people in apartments or independent period villas. All the accommodations are equipped with all modern comforts, and particular attention has been paid to making as little an impact on the environment as possible and saving energy. Again in 2004 works were completed to restore the farm old cellar (288 m2), the old vat room (100 m2) and the monumental colonnade facing the yards as reception rooms for parties, wedding banquets, exhibitions and corporate events.

Villa rentals near Venice today

In our Italy quality agritourism you will find very friendly and expert staff, ready to meet all your needs and recommend places of tourist, food, wine and cultural interest. We are entirely at your disposal to help you discover the Euganean Hills and the marvellous Veneto with its cities of art and the famous Palladian and Brenta Riviera villas, and to attend to your every need during your stay in Frassanelle.

Our clients’ needs are absolutely fundamental for us and for this reason we offer assistance not just to the tourist on holiday and staying in our period villas in Veneto, but also a personalised service in the organisation of events and ceremonies: parties, weddings or other important occasions. We can recommend the catering company which best suits your requirements and give you excellent advice with regard to flowers, music, entertainment and everything you need to make your event a success.

Villa rentals near Venice can offer you:

  • Tempietto: one of the most romantic period villas in Veneto for 4 people
  • Villa Bencontenta: one of the most exclusive period villas in Veneto with private swimming pool for 14 people
  • Villa Lieta: among the most welcoming 19th century period villas in Veneto for 8 people
  • Aster: an apartment in the Frassanelle Farmhouse for 6 people
  • Torretta: 4 mini apartments in the Frassanelle Farmhouse for 2 people