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Itineraries in Veneto

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The Veneto is a region rich with natural beauty as well as historical and artistic importance, a veritable mosaic of unique and irresistible landscapes, ideal for those who love the outdoors and visiting cities of art. There are few regions of Italy that can boast such a rich and varied tourist sights, in Veneto there is always something new to discover and it is absolutely impossible to get bored: visitors are swept up in a whirl of beauty, art and fun.

The cities in the Veneto are incredibly rich with art and exceptional historical sites, from Venice with its lagoon where time appears to stand still, to the Brenta Riviera, a magical territory marked by flowing waters and ancient villas, and the charming landscape of the Euganean Hills: the whole region is full of sights and interesting places just waiting to be discovered.

From our historic residence it is possible to set off by car, on foot or by bicycle todiscover the Veneto and the historic and artistic attractions in the nearby provinces of Venice, Padua and Vicenza or also further afield to Treviso, Belluno and Rovigo. We recommend some itineraries in the Veneto in these pages, little suggestions in order to get to know and explore this splendid area of Italy and its world-famous cities of art.

In addition to the splendid and unmissable Venice, which lies just 50 km away from Frassanelle and can easily be reached by car, it is possible to visit magnificent places in the surrounding area less frequented by tourists but still just as interesting.

In addition to the more traditional itineraries in  Veneto which pass through the most important Veneto cities of art, we also recommend a series of ideas and suggestions to discover the true region, made of breathtaking views and unique flavours.

Ask our Veneto travel expert  for alternative routes in order to discover Padua and the Euganean Hills or the Palladian Villas and the area around Vicenza.