Charge points

We are environmentally aware: year after year we struggle to find always more performing and efficient green solutions for consumptions, cleaning, restorations and much more. We are committed into making your holidays in Veneto not only unforgettable, but also as sustainable as possible.

That is why in 2019 we installed at Villa Bencontenta a charge point for electric vehicles, provided by Repower, our clean electricity supplier.

All of the guests staying in Villa Bencontenta can take advantage of the charge point for free: upon arrival, please do not forget to ask for the card to activate the charge point at the reception office!



Technical features:

Our charge point is made for charging vehicles according to Mode 3 of the standard EN 61851-1:2011.

It is provided with a plug T2 (up to22Kw).

Our Repower certificate for clean energy:

Certificato di provenienza repower