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Whether artificial or natural, grottoes are always fascinating


Under the Villa which stands majestically on the park’s central hill some extraordinarily charming and picturesqueartificial grottoes have been hollowed out. Count Alberto Papafava, after having designed and completed the work on the park decided in the 1880s to crown his work with the construction of the grottoes, a typical and essential element of a romantic park.Their natural aspect is due to the fact that they faithfully respect the geological structure of the natural grottoes situated in the park but which are difficult and hazardous to enter. From the nearby hill, made of stratified calcareous stone, large slabs (approx. 9cm thick) were taken from it and placed in the new larger grotto, maintaining the stratified aspect and following the geological structure of the model.

The natural grottoes, which were used as a model, have secret passageways, tunnels, little internal lakes, stalactites and stalagmites, but can only be visited by expert potholers. The artificial grottoes built by Count Alberto Papafava are just as stunning. The work was completed in 7 years and everything was designed and built in order to appear authentic, to amaze, divert and entertain visitors but keep them completely safe.

The grottoes can be visited only accompanied by a guide.  Our guests are entitled to a complimentary tour that takes place every Thursday at 10am (except national holidays). For other visitors we can organise tours on request, for a group of minimum 12 people, the cost is € 10,00 per person.