5 Apr

Picnics and 5 Must-Attend Spring Events in Veneto


How are you spending this early Spring? Here in Frassanelle we are enjoying the warmth and the awakening of the surrounding nature, observing the amazing shades of apple and peach tree blossoms, the pastel colors of hortensia and – my favorite by far –  Judas trees vivid fuchsia, that make them resemble many exclamation marks spread among the greenery, as if they were stating that yes! here we are at last! This unexpectedly warm and sunny March has made us want to wear our sneakers, take the bike and set out for an excursion on the hills. We haven’t sit on our arms in the meanwhile: during winter months we have worked hard, pruning and planting, to set our park ready and beautiful for the good season.  But above all, we have restored our grottoes and made the whole circuit safe: the re-opening is on Easter Monday, during our Spring picnic. Looking forward to seeing you all, with your plaid, frisbee, friends and dogs! You can relax on the clearings and lawns of our park, in the shade of old trees, and then listen to Goodbye Visa and their alternative rock while tasting a craft beer or a spritz.
You can find all infos about times and tickets on our Facebook page.

But there’s much more going on during springtime in Veneto! Here is a short but useful list of all the must-attend Spring Events

  1. For “bookworms”…23rd April: Reading (in italian) under the trees at Villa Valsanzibio.
    You can wak around the park and then join mrs Beba Marsano author of “Worth a journey. 101 italian wonders“.
  2. If you want to plunge into nature (and taste local delicacies!)…30th April and 1st May: Doges’ Picnic at Villa ValsanzibioA big area of the garden will be assigned for a picnic on the grass. You can can take your plaid, sit on the lawn and taste some fanciful local street food! 
  3. For all vintage motor enthusiasts…18th May: La Mille Miglia at Parco Sigurtà
    The afternoon of Thursday 18 May 2017 the 440 wonderful classic cars of the Mille Miglia will come to the avenues of the Sigurtà Garden Park for the second year running. The stamp certifying the race stage will be carried out at the Garden.
  4. For rose lovers.…20th and 21st May: Roses’ days at la Campanella Nursery.
    A day surrounded by scents and colors: you can visit the rose garden, attend a short meeting on roses’ pruning and care, and admire the fabulous iperrealistic paintings by Chiara Albertoni, who will also organise a class of botanic painting. 
  5. If you like local traditions (and are not afraid of walking)…24th May: The Great Procession in Asiago. It is a centuries-old procession that winds among the spectacular sights of Asiago plateau, for about 33 km. You can join and follow the path even only for a short stretch. We hope that these hints will be helpful to help you plan your upcoming holidays in Veneto…Happy Spring to you all!



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