11 Oct

Saturday, November 5, 2016 Between Peace and War, Novello Papafava thoughts and memories on the centenary of the Great War

On the 5th and 6th of  November 2016 Frassanelle will organize a celebration in memory of the Great World War and Novello Papafava.

The need for this remembrance stems from a number of requests that we received both in the family and outside the family to give a clear participatory sign in preparation for the centennial celebrations of the victory of the Great War.

An opportunity to talk about Peace and War thinking about increasingly important events, to be repeated yearly in Frassanelle, every time with new contents and topics. This year it seemed significant to start with our territorial reality, giving the days also a festive atmosphere, as Novello Papafava did.

Saturday 5 November 2016 Programme: Free admission to Frassanelle Farm

  • 10:00 am Flag Raising Ceremony by the ANA in the presence of students of secondary schools of Rovolon and Cervarese S. Croce and the Folk Band Euganea Bastia
  • 10:15  Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Giampaolo Tiengo
  • 11:00  Welcome by the authorities
  • 12:00  Opening of the exhibition “Novello Papafava, guy of ’99” by Gianfranco Cenghiaro and the Association Rosa dei Colli Rovolon
  • 15:00 Introductory speech by the Volunteer Nurses of the Italian Red Cross 
  • 15:15 Conference by Teresa Barbieri “Novello Papafava and his family during the Great War”
  • 16:30 Coffee break and roasted chestnuts
  • 17:00 Presentation of the book “Paper Bonds. A love story in wartime ‘Alberto Espen
  • 17.30 Presentation of the book “Planet Health. The Italian military health in Veneto during the Great War “by Mauro and Claudio Scroccaro Pietrobon


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