Hiking Routes

Excursions on the Euganean Hills

Hiking Routes

For those who love hiking the best way to get to know Frassanelle’s environs is by taking one of the manyexcursions on the Euganean Hills on foot: follow the hiking trails through the Hills is not merely dedicating a couple of hours to a healthy walk but also taking a good look at the local area.

There are some beautiful walks, particularly in the spring while the cherry trees are blossoming. These are short walks in the Euganean Hills within everyone’s ability, which wind through woods, cultivated fields and vineyards in a rather anthropized area. Most of the walks are along unsurfaced lanes, along some ancient mule tracks or short sections of asphalt roads with little motor traffic, but frequented by many cyclists and mountain bikers.

One of the hikes we recommend our guests to take, in order to discover the Euganean Hills is the hike to the Rocca del Monte Pendice and Monte Pirio: from Teolo you take the path through the flat scrubland/woods which leads to the rocky castle of Monte Pendice. The view sweeps over the Veneto plain up to the foothills of the Alps. A well-deserved rest at the end of the most tiring part of the hike and a snack, are the best excuse for a short meditation and to contemplate the scenery.

For the more demanding guests who want more than just a walk along the hiking routes through the Hills there is the opportunity to climb. There are two climbs near Frassanelle. One is Rocca Pendice in Teolo, a traditional Euganean Hills climb for Paduans which offers a climb which is similar to that of a granite climb or that in Castelnuovo di Teolo.